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Re: Laws on fossil collecting

    I agree that this is not a forum for this subject matter so much as an
opportunity to air the need for such a clearinghouse, book, website or
whatever.  As stated, I am putting together such information and I will be
pleased to receive, offline of course, any info anyone would have on their
own local laws, negotiations, contracts or (mis)understandings, and/or
anecdotes of  fossil collecting.  In the meantime I will periodically post
info on state/federal or country laws (on the books) which may be of
interest, until a better reference source is compiled.
    As an attorney as well as having professional dealings in the
paleontological field I am in a unique position and have a unique interest
    What say you all?

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> > I totally agree that this is a place far too public to discuss specific
> exploits. I initially laid out the situation in Italy just as an example
> of the wide variety of European laws on the collection and preservation
> of fossils, but the discussion is increasingly focusing on the example
> rather than the problem.
> The issue is not by any means a theoretical one, knowing your legal way
> about in the country you (either professionally or in the course of a
> hobby) are digging fossils can only contribute to the professional
> standard of paleontology as a whole. I think we should do everything to
> avoid the sort of distrust three centuries of looting has created in
> archaeology.
> Not many paleontologists have the time, interest or expertise to delve
> into legal issues; therefore, I think a central place of reference could
> be extremely useful for everyone.
> Ilja