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Re: Digit Loss

Tracy Ford wrote-

> I've done some research on this. Tarbosaurus, Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus,
> Daspletosaurus all have humerus/femur ration as 1/4. In Tyrannosaurus it
> 1/3, thus a larger arm in relation to body.

My data says (humerofemoral ratios)-
Gorgosaurus librartus (CMN 2120) 31%
juvenile Gorgosaurus libratus (AMNH 5664) 29%
Daspletosaurus torosus (CMN 8506) 38%
juvenile Tyrannosaurus? bataar (IVPP V4878) ~33%
Tyrannosaurus rex (CMN 9380) 28%

It looks to me that Tyrannosaurus rex has shorter forelimbs than other
species.  What specimens are you using to support your statement?

Mickey Mortimer