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RE: Digit Loss

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Tracy Ford wrote-

> I've done some research on this. Tarbosaurus, Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus,
> Daspletosaurus all have humerus/femur ration as 1/4. In Tyrannosaurus it
> 1/3, thus a larger arm in relation to body.

My data says (humerofemoral ratios)-
Gorgosaurus librartus (CMN 2120) 31%
juvenile Gorgosaurus libratus (AMNH 5664) 29%
Daspletosaurus torosus (CMN 8506) 38%
juvenile Tyrannosaurus? bataar (IVPP V4878) ~33%
Tyrannosaurus rex (CMN 9380) 28%

It looks to me that Tyrannosaurus rex has shorter forelimbs than other
species.  What specimens are you using to support your statement?

Mickey Mortimer
First of all, juveniles have larger arms than adults (Currie the Armour

CM 938 I get about 35% as for BHI 2033. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it
takes a little more than 3 humerus lengths to get the length of the femur.

Tarbosaurus efremovi PIN 551-2, its 4 humeri.

For all you who don't know IVPP V4878 is Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis
DONG, 1977, A JUVENILE!!! So it's arms would be bigger than the adult.
Haven't I gone over that already? Use adults.

My head is starting to hurt. All this math...

Tracy L. Ford
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