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Jurrassic Park 3..............

Greetings all...
Yes, Jurassic Park is gonna be out this summer, for those of you that didnt
know... like me, i thought was to be this winter.  According to the Jurassic
Park official site JP3 is being released July 18, 2001.
Well the stars of this Movie include....
Sam Neil, Tai Leoni?  and of course your "very intellegent RAPTORS" are
staring again, Spinosaurus, Baronyx?maybe?... also in the film seems to have
a bunch of running food......herbivores and some people...though movie
trailers dont show that.  
This movie looks like its going to have ALOT more action then the previous
ones, and maybe a bit more variety in dinosaurs.

Anyways if you want to take a look at it go to http://www.jurassicpark.com/
helps if you have a fast connection smallest trailer is around 3mbs.

Well thats all I have to say... guess wait till the movie comes to the big
screen for ... more critics :?)

be well and happy digging!!

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