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Re: Digit Loss

Tracy Ford wrote-

> First of all, juveniles have larger arms than adults (Currie the Armour
> symposium).
> CM 938 I get about 35% as for BHI 2033. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it
> takes a little more than 3 humerus lengths to get the length of the femur.
> Tarbosaurus efremovi PIN 551-2, its 4 humeri.
> For all you who don't know IVPP V4878 is Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis
> DONG, 1977, A JUVENILE!!! So it's arms would be bigger than the adult.
> Haven't I gone over that already? Use adults.

Measuring directly from Osborn 1916 for CMN 9380 I get 29%, using Matthew
and Brown's (1928) measurements I get 28% (3.57 humeri).  Their measurement
for AMNH 5664 is 29% and CMN 2120 is 31%, which is odd if juveniles are
supposed to have longer arms.  What is your reference for PIN 551-2?

Mickey Mortimer