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RE: Digit Loss (kiwis and tyrannosaurs)

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Subject: Re: Digit Loss (kiwis and tyrannosaurs)

(Tracy Ford)
>>Given a choice between an explanation that provides a relationship between
cause and an effect and another explanation that asserts only the action of
random chance, I prefer the former.<<
Just because B follows A does not mean that A and B are casually related.
year the Himalayas are taller, and my computer is slower, but neither of
instances has anything to do with the other.  Time passed and certain
of dinosaurs lost fingers, but these two instances need not be casually

Sorry, the 'quoted section'  that your referring to wasn't written by me. I
was more likely responding to that quote myself. That's one of the problems
with the net, the wrong people get responded to and expounds the mess.

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