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RE: Digit Loss

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Tracy Ford wrote-

>>What is your reference for PIN 551-2?

> Maleev, E. 1974. Giant carnosaurs of the family Tyrannosauridae, in
> and Cenozoic faunas and biostragragphy of Mongolia. Transactions of Joint
> Soviet-Mongolian Paleontological Expedition, Vol. 1: 132-190.

I only have the translated version available on Polyglot, but it seems to me
the forelimb measurements are from PIN 552-1, while the hindlimb
measurements are from PIN 551-2.  Is this just a misprint or am I not
looking at the right tables?

I'm looking at figure 40 of PIN 551-2 with the femur and humerus lined up.
Page 171. 552-2 is of Malevosaurus.

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