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Re: New Abstracts

Elzanowski, 2001. A novel reconstruction of the Archaeopteryx skull, 227.
This is about possible kinesis in the seventh specimen.  She suggests there was flexion in front of the braincase, a sliding lacrimal-jugal joint and a quadrate-pterygoid propulsion joint.  However, there does not appear to be a prokinetic flexion zone.  Thus, Archaeopteryx may have had a unique type of cranial kinesis.
Sounds interesting -- this moves Archie away from birds, IMHO.
BTW, even though Poland has brought forth a large number of internationally famous female dinosaur paleontologists (just off the top of my head: Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, Teresa Marya´nska, Halszka Osmólska), Andrzej El´zanowski is male -- Andrzej is the Polish form of Andrew (remove the diacritic z and you get it in Russian), and his last name ends in -ski rather than -ska. (Accents belong on the n and z, not before)
Hurum, 2001. Tarbosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus, 243.
Actually a misnomer, this has nothing to do whatsoever with the Tarbosaurus-Tyrannosaurus debate.  It is simply a shorter version of the JVP short paper discussing how the fused supradentary and coronoid(?) made the mandible of tyrannosaurids rigid.
Ah, the Great Coronoid Confusion. Apparently the supradentary is what is called coronoid II by some and intercoronoid by others. (Coronoid alone is coronoid III; AFAIK all amniotes have lost coronoid I, which is located far forward in the lower jaw.)
Kundrat, Cruickshank, Manning and Joysey, 2001. Structure of the embryonic parabasisphenoid in a therizinosauroid dinosaur, 251-252.
Discusses the pneumatized basispenoid of a therizinosauroid embryo found in a dendroolithid egg (75-90 mm) from the Nanchao Formation, Henan, China.  Most is on details of the internal structure too technical for me to find useful.
So it is really therizinosauroid? :-)
Ruben and Jones, 2001. Feathered dinosaurs and other myths: A cold hard look at reality, 278.
So...... horrible....... difficult to read without laughing.  Remember everyone- Sinosauropteryx's and Sinornithosaurus' "filaments and feathers" are simply collagen fibers, Pelecanimimus has scales (bwah?!), Protarchaeopteryx is a volant bird and Caudipteryx is also avian.  It's all so obvious that I feel like screaming and doing violent things when I realize people can still support this type of crap.  But I digress.....
Seems like "this type of scrap" will die only with its supporters, as have many other falsified ideas before. :-(
I'd love to know whether Feduccia (an ornithologist, after all) agrees with calling *Protarchaeopteryx* volant...