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Re: Live From Dinosaur Island

> On a similar note, does anyone know how accurate the _Eotyrannus_
> reconstruction is that can be found here?:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/dinosaurs/dinosaur_island/diaries/eotyrannus.shtml

Even though the text states several times that *E.* had 3 fingers and the
reconstruction shows this, all that is known is that *E.* has 3 metacarpals
(like *Albertosaurus*, for instance). The next page says that it is unlikely
that it ran -- if this one can't run I can't move at all. (The section on
*Neovenator* says it could have outrun a human.)

But I am interested in the *Stokesosaurus* found in Portugal in 2000 that it
mentions... I can't recall anyone having mentioned this so far. I suspect I
have to wait for a paper?

The *Hypsilophodon* section is a bit worse -- "*Hypsilophodontids* probably
gave rise to the duck-billed dinosaurs, like the *Pachycephalosaurs*."

Another topic -- does anyone have a suggestion as to why 2 theropods of
similar size (*Eotyrannus*: 4 -- 6 m, *Neovenator*: 6 -- 8 m, the latter
probably having a relatively longer tail) and build could coexist?