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Re: Live From Dinosaur Island

Jordan Mallon wrote-

> On a similar note, does anyone know how accurate the _Eotyrannus_
> reconstruction is that can be found here?:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/dinosaurs/dinosaur_island/diaries/eotyrannus.shtml

It's fairly accurate in a general/hypothetical sort of way.  Most is simply
hypothesized (pelvis, skull barring the snout tip), but I suppose there's a
good chance it might have looked like that.  Errors include-
- maxillary fenestra too far forward
- antorbital fenestra not acute enough anteriorly
- dentary not massive enough anteriorly
- coracoid foramen present
- deltopectoral crest too proximodistally elongate
- manus should be 95% of humeral length (much longer in picture)
- humerus should be 94% of metatarsal II length (much shorter in picture)
It's important to note the manual/humeral/metatarsal proportions are the
only proportions that I could find, and they were incorrect in the
reconstruction, so I wouldn't assume the other proportions to be very
accurate either.

Mickey Mortimer