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Re: New Abstracts

David Marjanovic wrote-
Sounds interesting -- this moves Archie away from birds, IMHO.
BTW, even though Poland has brought forth a large number of internationally famous female dinosaur paleontologists (just off the top of my head: Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, Teresa Marya´nska, Halszka Osmólska), Andrzej El´zanowski is male -- Andrzej is the Polish form of Andrew (remove the diacritic z and you get it in Russian), and his last name ends in -ski rather than -ska. (Accents belong on the n and z, not before)
Arghh.  Apologies to Andrzej.  I'll get these right eventually... :-)
In any case, why would Archaeopteryx's unique kinesis move it away from birds?  After all, all non-ornithothoracine theropods are either akinetic or have unique forms of kinesis.  As confuciusornithids are akinetic, I wouldn't expect the pygostylian sister group to have an ornithothoracine-like prokinetic skull.
Mickey Mortimer