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Re: preliminary ornithischian classification

Fabrosauridae includes Fabrosaurus and Lesothosaurus (which may be congeneric). Another genus (nomen dubium) with a funny name might belong (I forget the name, something like "Gongsaurus"). Anyway Fabrosauridae apparently has priority for now (pre-PhyloCode). It may possibly also include Agilisaurus.
I'm not sure anyone knows for sure where to place Agilisaurus. Could be a Fabrosauridae, or some kind of ornithopod (Othnieliidae??). Any chance Agilisaurus might be a primitive Heterodontosaurid? I have no idea if it has any of the marginocephalian characters mentioned by Alessandro, so just throwing this in as a possibility.
-------Gotta run for now, Ken
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Subject: Re: preliminary ornithischian classification
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 00:35:52 +0200

>      WOW Alessandro, you convinced me!!!

And me :-)

> The only really "BIG" question in my mind now is whether or not
> Ankylosauridae and Stegosauridae (both sensu lato here) are really sister
> groups or not. Apparently some workers think Stegosaurs are sister group
> to cerapodans (in a clade excluding ankylosaurs).

Interesting! Why?

> By the way, are there any major objections to placing Iguanodon as a
> primitive hadrosauridae?  I didn't see any need to maintain that as a
> family of its own (but I have this dreadful feeling someone is going to
> me Iguanodontidae has priority).

I don't know when Iguanodontidae was named, all I can say is that
Hadrosauridae has IIRC got a stem-based definition that explicitely excludes
*Iguanodon*. If you ignore this (no problem apart from confusion, PhyloCode
has still not been implemented :-) ), then I don't see any further problem
with that.

Just what do you put into Fabrosauridae? *Fabrosaurus* (a nomen dubium,
BTW), *Lesothosaurus*... anything else?

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