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ornithischian classification (cool discussion)

I assume you meant Pachycephalosauridae rather than Pisanosauride.
So are you still suggesting that Pachycephalosauridae and Heterodontosauridae form a clade that is sister group to a Psittacosaurid-Protoceratopsid-Ceratopsid clade, rather than Heterodontosauridae as sister to all the other marginocephalians?
If so, do you think Heterodontosauridae would be sister group to Pachycephalosauridae or paraphyletically giving rise to it? Perhaps there is not enough information to determine this for sure?
-------Cheers, Ken
P.S. I think I've probably doubled my understanding of ornithischian phylogeny in just one day (not that I knew that much before). Fascinating discussion, and nice to get a break from theropods for a change.
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Nice job! I classified Heterodontosauridae and Pisanosauridae in
Pachycephalosauria back in 1991 in Mesozoic Meanderings #2 first printing, on
the basis of rather fewer characters than you have.
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