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Re: Digit Loss (kiwis and tyrannosaurs)

<Having an abnormally small appendix prone to causing lethal effects to the
organism isn't making it keep disappear, but it's still there.  The appendix
is an example of having a negative effect that is being selected for. If an
organism has a positive effect, and this does not benefit the population and
does not propogate through the population, it is not being selected for.>

I'm not sure what you mean with the reference to an 'abnormally small'
appendix, but docket that...
Assertion:  the appendix is not being selected for; it should be considered
neutral.  Appendicitis does not kill enough members of the population to
make it an 'active' negative, subject to being selected against.
An 'inactive' positive effect can spread through a population as a neutral
effect and be there when there is need for it.  So could an 'inactive'
negative mutation, which causes significant damage only when circumstances
change and the negative impact becomes apparent.
If there were some way to count mutations, I suspect that the number of
current neutrals would far outnumber the combined total of current positives
and negatives.
End assertions...