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Re: Digit loss

<I think Tyrannosaurs got their start as flying forms (basic BCF). They
probably lost the third finger as part of the wing structure. At any rate,
this means that they started out small. Instead of picturing the arms as
"shrinking", perhaps they just did not grow along at the same rate as the
rest of the animal.>

This is logical (I can't comment on factual).
However, if you start with the premise that forearms are useful to a bipedal
hunter, and if the forearms in a given species were long enough to make a
difference to survival, then you have active selective pressure for
lengthening forearms, no?  In that case, you should see forearms getting
longer over time.
Again logically, an animal would not entirely forego more effective hunting
strategies only because they were different from those used in the past.
They'd use their forearms if they could do so effectively.