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George Olshevsky wrote-

> I'm pretty sure Galton redated all those early South African
> as Early Jurassic, leaving none in the Late Trassic. Has someone else
> this?

I think you're right George, but there's at least one Triassic

unnamed Heterodontosaurid (Baez and Marsicano 1998)
late Ladinian-early Carnian, MT-LT
Laguna Colorada Formation of the El Tranquilo Group, Argentina
material- posterior maxillary fragment, teeth
Comments- A weathered left posterior maxillary fragment with dentition was
found in the Laguna Colorada Fm of the El Tranquilo Group (late
Ladinian-early Carnian) of the Santa Cruz Province and exhibits derived
characters of the Heterodontosaurus-Lycorhinus clade. The  material is
closest to Heterodontosaurus in having no cingulum or constriction
separating crown from root, and in wear patterns.
Reference- BAEZ, A.M. and MARSICANO, C.A., 1998. A heterodontosaurian
ornithischian in the Upper Triassic of southern Patagonia? Gondwana 10:
Event Stratigraphy of Gondwana, Journal of African Earth Sciences

Mickey Mortimer