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Re: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

Don't think you'd be able to isolate a single title for "worst Dinosaur

Off the top of my head:
Super Mario Bros...

Monstroid... (a dinosaur with a moustache!!! According to the opening lines,
                based on actual events in Columbia!)

Yor, Hunter from the Future... (Corinne Clery was hot though...)

Sound of Horror... (An INVISIBLE dinosaur...talk about cutting costs!)

Valley of the Dragons...

Baby. Secret of the Lost Legend...

The Prehysteria series...

The Land Before Time series... (3-horns NEVER play with long necks!!!)

How many "Carnosaur" movies has Corben done so far? 3? 4?

My nomination for worst dino-flick would probably be:

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

Not only are the beasties crud (which are strictly speaking
post-apocalyptic mutants rather than dinosaurs) but, contrary to the title,
there is practically NO SEX!!!


"Absolutely no Doug McClure!"

>Over on that "other" list (you know, vertebrate paleo), there's a little
>discussion simmering about the worst dinosaur movie ever.
>So far, the two main nominees are:
>The original One Million Years B.C. starring those lovable lizards with
>paper fins
>The Last Dinosaur, a rubber-suit special.
>Any supporters? or new nominees?