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Re: Giganotosaurus carolinii

I think you might be confusing when it was originally discovered and when it was formally described in the literature.
It was apparently discovered in 1993, and then formally described in 1995. It takes a couple of years to get it dug up, cleaned, studied, and finally published formally.
Hope this helps, Ken Kinman
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Subject: Giganotosaurus carolinii
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 10:12:49 -0400

Hi folks,

For an exhibit at COSI Columbus, we have received a skull replica of Gianotosaurus carolinii. When we took a look at the reading materials, there are conflicting dates for its type discovery. Continued efforts to clear this up have only contributed to the confusion. Can anyone shed light on whether it was originally found in 1993 or 1995? Thank you!

Sally Pfeiffer

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