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Re: Pleurocoelus question

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:59:52  
 Tompaleo wrote:
>I have also read the aforementioned "looong" paper and it's a superior piece 
>of work! I am now also convinced that P. altus is likely the only valid 
>Arundel suaropod taxon, is distinct from the texas type,  and that "Astrodon" 
> is a nomen dubium. There goes the state dinosaur!
>I believe it was announced previously the the paper is available on line but 
>am not sure.

First of all, thank you for the information.  Between yours and Ray Stanford's 
post, I have learned a lot about the early discoveries, etc. surrounding 

Now, about your Arundel comment.  I do agree that P. nanus is the only valid 
Pleurocoelus species (something like three were originally named, based on very 
fragmentary material).  

However, if Astrodon and Pleurocoelus nanus are the same animal, doesn't 
Astrodon have preference, as it was named first?  From what I have read, 
Astrodon was named in 1859 by Leidy based on teeth found by a dentist in 
Maryland.  Pleurocoelus was named by Marsh in 1888.  Am I missing something?  
Wouldn't Astrodon be the proper name, therefore jeopardizing Texas' state 
dinosaur (Pleurocoelus)??


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