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Re: Pleurocoelus

Steve Brusatte wrote:

However, if Astrodon and Pleurocoelus nanus are the same animal, doesn't Astrodon have preference, as it was named first? From what I have read, Astrodon was named in 1859 by Leidy based on teeth found by a dentist in Maryland. Pleurocoelus was named by Marsh in 1888. Am I missing something?

As Tom said, the name _Astrodon_ is probably a _nomen dubium_ and, as such,
must be restricted to the type material.  Therefore, _Astrodon_ cannot
have priority over any other name based on different material.

Wouldn't Astrodon be the proper name, therefore jeopardizing Texas' state dinosaur (Pleurocoelus)??

There is no evidence that _Pleurocoelus_ is found in Texas.  The
"Pleurocoelus" material from Texas most likely does *not* belong to the same
genus as the Maryland/Arundel material.  A lot of sauropod material from the
SW previously referred to _Pleurocoelus_ has already been assigned to other
sauropod genera.  Looks like another State Dinosaur might bite the dust!



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