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Re: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 12:51:40 -0400 (EDT) "T. Mike Keesey" 
>On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
>> Over on that "other" list (you know, vertebrate paleo), there's a little
>> discussion simmering about the worst dinosaur movie ever.
>> So far, the two main nominees are:
>> The original One Million Years B.C. starring those lovable lizards with
>> paper fins
>> and
>> The Last Dinosaur, a rubber-suit special.
>> Any supporters? or new nominees?
>CARNOSAUR gets my vote. (Of course, I've never seen its sequels....)

"The Land That Time Forgot" is about as corny as "The Last Dinosaur". The 
theropods look like the puppets from "Mr.Rogger's Neighborhood" meets 

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