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Re: Jurassic Park Institute

Jordan Mallon just asked me off-list where my article was on the new JPI site 
he posted.  I'm doing something I normally wouldn't do-answering his question 
to the entire list.

I am quite peeved after looking at that site, and I definitely feel the pain of 
Todd Marshall et al. :-), who recently posted on stolen artwork.  My writings 
were certainly not stolen by the site, but were not credited properly.  
Usually, in most publications, when somebody writes something they get their 
name on it, not somebody else's name.  

Some of my articles are included in the "dino news" section of the site, and 
some of them have Don Lessem's name on them.  This is fine, as Don was actually 
the one who got me the job with JPI.  However, I wrote them, and my name should 
appear at least alongside his!  A few of my articles even have other people's 
names on them!  

Also, I reviewed the majority of the toys, websites, museums, books, etc.  

Sorry for the rant.  I just would like people to know what _I_ worked on, as it 
took me quite a chunk of time.  I just feel like I should be credited with what 
is rightfully mine...

Have a good night,

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