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Warning to the Gazette

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 20:46:31 -0400 Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette <
dinosaur@dinosaur.org> wrote:
>Not that it will make you feel any better, apparently, given your penchant
>against and total disdain for any form of popular culture, but Mr. Disney
>did not invent Bambi.  (Nor do I know, indeed, if the animal was actually
>named after the literary character).
...It was written by Felix Salten a Hungarian who was considered to be a major 
figure in Austrian literature. (does that make you like him any better or are 
Europeans beneath consideration as serious artists, too?). He was also an
>accomplished writer of other things besides children's books.

You seriously need to stop insulting and throwing personal attacks the way you 
and others have at the Interplanetary Gazette have done. I don't know where you 
get off, but if you think you can hide behind a respectable name like the 
Interplanetary Gazette and verbally abuse people so blatantly, publically, and 
without any regard whatsoever, you have another thing coming. Your remark 
your penchant against and total disdain for any form of popular culture" is 
hardly necessary and none of your business in the first place. You clearly 
see my remark of the Bambiraptor was a playful joke and nothing more. This 
is not a playground for juvenile antagonism.

>In the event that it's not absolutely apparent from my remarks, I think it
>is untoward of those professing some interest in the sciences to be so
>publically derisive of the work of professionals in other fields.
>Especially when the basis of the criticism is so clearly ignorant of facts,
>history, and any other semblance of the sort of careful work in research
>that someone claiming to be seriously interested in paleontology ought to
>This list is officially intolerant of personal attacks, and I fail to see
>why these snide and nasty minded remarks don't fall into that category.
>E. Summer

Attack? Attack on who? Bambi the deer? YOUR attack is an outrage and a witch 
hunt, considering if remarks like mine are so "offensive" to you that you feel 
you need to extrapolate historical data concerning the origin of "BAMBI" in 
literature and turn a blind eye to other similar remarks made by a fellow 
dinosaur list member Christopher Pearsell just moments after mine was made 
the archives). I think you better re-read the rules of conduct for the dinosaur 
discussion list, becasue it appears you are in dire need of manners.

And by the way, anyone can cut and paste from an encyclopedia. So don't have 
misconceptions of appearing to be knowledgable.

Erik C. Omtvedt

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