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RE: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?


My vote goes to "the sixth continent". I'm not sure that it's the original
title, but it's the title
here in France. 

This movie has one of the worst fight between a kind of plesiosaur and a
submarine crew
it looks like a (really) bad copy of the fight between the Nautilus' crew
and the giant squid
in Jules Verne book.

Just after they won the fight, the cook bring a large plate with pieces of
dino for lunch, 
and the captain ask if he should drink red or white wine with plesiosaur...

> Over on that "other" list (you know, vertebrate paleo), there's a little
> discussion simmering about the worst dinosaur movie ever.
> So far, the two main nominees are:
> The original One Million Years B.C. starring those lovable lizards with
> paper fins
> and
> The Last Dinosaur, a rubber-suit special.
> Any supporters? or new nominees?
William Bonnet

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