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Re: Laws on fossil collecting

        we are in friendly relationships, so I sincerely hope you will not get
flamed for this, but I feel forced to reply to the list in answer to your
posting. It was too inclusive in my opinion. 

At 13.38 08/06/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Fossils are not safe either in a Museum or public institution in
general>snip> >Actually, their preservation depends upon the PERSON not the

 True, as for all other human activities involving some responsability, e.
g. doctors. 

> It happens that the fossil in the Museum falls from the hand of the
>careless Curator, engaged by public competition and become paleontologist
>just to have a salary, but without any true interest in that kind of
>"stones". He/she is thinking about his/her sons, the next football match or
>the new car he/she is going to buy. Ooops! Another broken "stone". No
>punishments, no administrative consequences. 

I know very well that you have very good reasons to be flamed against
institutions and some of their representatives, but being a curator engaged
by public competition as above described, having become a paleontologist
*surely* not only to get  a salary, and not loving football/soccer, I feel
forced to say that I would have appreciated if you did not put all of us in
the same bunch, as it seems to appear in your posting. Adding little
distinguo would have been more sound IMHO.    The idea that a listmember
coming here to see something in my institution thinks I belong I'm the
narrow minded careless employee you depicted, makes me feel uncomfortably. 

                                        Silvio Renesto


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