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RE: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 Silvio, the title is the Seventh continent ( based on ER Burroughs's "At the Earth's core" ). I vote for this one too, together with the Caspak series ( which HP William Bonnet mentionned ) "The sixth continent" and its even worse sequel ( can't get the title, there ). Seems that ERB's novels ( which I do like ) have never been well treated by the movie makers. Too bad.\par
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>> Over on that "other" list (you know, vertebrate paleo), there's a little\par
>> discussion simmering about the worst dinosaur movie ever.\par
Many years ago I saw few minutes (couldn't resist more) of a movie vaguely\par
based on E. R. Burroughs' (that of Tarzan) Pellucidar underground realm in\par
which the usual team of scientists and other heroes meet cruel flying\par
humanoids that evolved from ... rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs!\par
Unfortunately I did not remember the title. It seems to me it was an\par
English production dated to the Sixties, but I'm not sure. If someone\par
remembers the title I will be grateful to know.\par
Maybe a little off-topic but I can't resist quoting also Gamera, a giant\par
flying turtle (really interesting concept!!),  star of some "Z" movies\par
produced presumably by Hishiro Honda, the father of Godzilla. It was a good\par
hearted guy and having once to save some children in danger it kept them in\par
his mouth and flew away , with the children looking to the panorama trough\par
the eyes of the monster like from a jet window!!\par
Maybe I'm romantic, but to me these old silly movies were somewhat "naive"\par
and MUCH more enjoyable (?) than new Carnosaur and other splatteries...\par
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