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Re: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

The Gazetteer wrote:

Over on that "other" list (you know, vertebrate paleo), there's a little
discussion simmering about the worst dinosaur movie ever.

Huh? I subscribe to that list and didn't read any such discussion.

So far, the two main nominees are:

The original One Million Years B.C. starring those lovable lizards with
paper fins


The Last Dinosaur, a rubber-suit special.

Don't know those.

Any supporters? or new nominees?

Has anyone watched the two Prehysteria movies, about baby dinosaurs (actually, 4 dinos and 1 ptero) hatching from eggs? I saw them on HBO. And what are the possibilities of viable eggs surviving to the present? The pteranodon hatchling was able to fly almost straight out of the egg. They looked particularly adult for babies, with proportional-sized limbs and other body parts.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog Mines and Geosciences Bureau Philippines