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Re: Laws on fossil collecting

Silvio Renesto wrote:
<I know very well that you have very good reasons to be flamed against
institutions and some of their representatives, but being a curator engaged
by public competition as above described, having become a paleontologist
*surely* not only to get  a salary, and not loving football/soccer, I feel
forced to say that I would have appreciated if you did not put all of us in
the same bunch, as it seems to appear in your posting. Adding little
distinguo would have been more sound IMHO.    The idea that a listmember
coming here to see something in my institution thinks I belong I'm the
narrow minded careless employee you depicted, makes me feel uncomfortably. <

Of course, mine was only an example of what SOMETIMES (or OFTEN) happens,
at least in some countries. I do not mean that all curators of Museum are
so amoral, silly or criminal (I work in a Museum too). And I know that you,
Silvio, are not there only for the salary (also because I know how low is
your salary and how high is the cost of life in Milan: you could earn more
money doing everything else).
But the important thing is to underline that fossil safety in a museum is
not so sure as it could appear from a theoretical point of view.
This is true also for hospitals.