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Re: Brachiosaurus

In a message dated 6/13/01 12:01:05 PM EST, jan.gronvik@telia.com writes:

<< If I remember right, James A. Jensen found a Brachiosaurus which was
 named Brachiosaurus macintoshi in Dry Mesa. What are the differences between 
this specimen and Brachiosaurus altithorax? >>

This was Ultrasauros macintoshi, not Brachiosaurus macintoshi, and it is now 
a junior subjective synonym of Supersaurus vivianae, because the type 
specimen of U. macintoshi was discovered to belong to the same individual 
dinosaur as the type specimen of  S. vivianae.

The Dry Mesa brachiosaur is presently referred to as Brachiosaurus sp. It was 
once part of the hypodigm of Ultrasauros macintoshi.