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Re: Brachiosaurus

Jan Gonvik wrote:

If I remember right, James A. Jensen found a Brachiosaurus which was
named Brachiosaurus macintoshi in Dry Mesa. What are the differences between this specimen and Brachiosaurus altithorax?

AFAIK, the combination _Brachiosaurus macintoshi_ has never been formally named. Nor is it likely to ever be.

Jim Jensen found a dorsal vertebra which he named _Ultrasaurus macintoshi_, but this specimen (the type for the species) is now referred to the diplodocid _Supersaurus vivianae_.

A brachiosaurid scapulocoracoid from the same Dry Mesa Quarry was also referred by Jensen to _Ultrasaurus macintoshi_. This does *not* belong to _Supersaurus vivianae_. The last I heard, this element is tentatively referred to _Brachiosaurus_.

The paper that sinks _Ultrasauros macintoshi_ as a junior subjective synonym of
_Supersaurus vivianae_ is:

Curtice, B. D., Stadtman, K. L. and Curtice, L. J., 1996. "A Reassessment of
_Ultrasauros macintoshi_ (Jensen, 1985). In: Morales, M (Ed.), 1996.
_The Continental Jurassic, Transactions of the Continental Jurassic Symposium, October 21-23_ Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona, Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin Volume 60 p.87-95

For further grisly details concerning the nomenclature of _Ultrasaurus_ check out:




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