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Re: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

At 12:32 AM 6/12/01 -0400, Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
So far, the two main nominees are:

The original One Million Years B.C. starring those lovable lizards with
paper fins


The Last Dinosaur, a rubber-suit special.

I personally have a soft spot for the original _One Million Years B.C._ -- IMHO the girl in that one was cuter than Raquel Welch.

I'm not partial to the _Land Before Time_ series -- Another story
of icky-cute herbivores and evil, wart-infested theropods.  But I always
tend to let animations off easy, so my vote goes for _The Last Dinosaur_.
(Oh wait -- Does the live-action _Flintstones_ count?)

                        -- Dave