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RE: Best skulls for artistic reference

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> Tracy Ford
> One warning about the skull of "Stan", though: the teeth are almost always
> mounted as if they are falling out of the jaws in the various casts I've
> seen at different museums.  Adult _T. rex_ teeth are about 1/3
> crown and 2/3
> root.<<
> * Well, your incorrect about 'Stan'. I've talked extensively to both Peter
> and Neal about this. Those teeth are as they were I life, they
> have not been
> misplaced during fossilization. You need to look at the casts
> itself (as in
> putting your head in it : >, I've done it several times) and you'll see
> where the replacement teeth are pushing the teeth out. No
> question about it.
> There is something strange going on with 'Stan'.
> *

If so, then this is a pathology.  However, I strongly suspect this is
post-mortem rather than in life: I've had my head in several casts (and had
a brief visit with the real thing), and this clearly was not the life
position of the teeth.

(Furthermore, the enamelled vs. non-enamelled portions of the teeth are
pretty well demarcated.  In Stan they are far from the tops of the sockets
(they should be much closer).)

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