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Re: Worst Dinosaur Movie ever and why?

Maybe a little off-topic but I can't resist quoting also Gamera, a giant
flying turtle (really interesting concept!!),  star of some "Z" movies
produced presumably by Hishiro Honda, the father of Godzilla.

Now, to set the record straight,
      Actually, Godzilla has 4 fathers: Tomuyuki Tanaka, producer of every
Japanese made G film until his death in 1997, Ishiro Honda, director of the
first Godzilla film(along with most of the classics from Godzilla's glory
days in the 60's), Eiji Tsubaraya, Toho's special effects director, and Akira
Ifukube, the composer who scored most of the films until the 70's. And as far
as them being "Z" movies, I'll take Godzilla vs the Thing over 95% of the
swill put out by Hollywood these days.
      As far as dinosaur films go, I don't really think Godzilla counts
anyway, as he's a mutated dino. Add to that the fact that his design was
based on science that's now 45 years out-of-date, if Godzilla were created
today, he'd look totally different. If you want to count Godzilla films as
dinosaur movies, then the worst dinosaur movie ever made has to be the 1998
American Godzilla(called Fraudzilla by hard-core fans like me). I'd also have
to nominate "The Lost Continent", it's an early 60's picture where the
Tyrannosaurs are men in cardboard(!) costumes. If you look closely in the
scene, or in stills, you can tell that the dino suits are only about 6&1/2
feet tall. And even though it isn't a movie, I'd also have to mention that
awful episode of Star Trek: Voyager with the dino-humanoids.
      All of this brings me to a related science question: Could Godzilla
actually exist at 50 meters in height and 40,000 tons in weight? Could a
mutation , or the natural evolutionary process, create such a large creature?
Would such a large animal be able to stand and walk if its' bones were strong
and dense enough?
       Brian Buck
Oh, and by the way, a giant flying turtle(with teeth!) is just plain silly.