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Re: Stolen and abused artwork

Hello All,
As I already have written to Todd Marshall the drawings weren't just traced and colored in. I made them myself and used the artwork of others as example. See the drawing below. I don't know if this is illegal the drawings are made by myself and there is no money involved in it whatsoever. I started drawing them by myself to prevend copyrights. There is no drawing on my site what is just stolen in the sence picked and altered and showed, they are ALL made by me and I used the drawings as example. In a way this may be copieing I don't know. Maybe I'm violating even listprocedures but this I had to show.
This you can't do with only tracing!
J. Arts
I'll find out what the responce wille be and then take further actions.
J. Arts
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Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2001 11:09 PM
Subject: Stolen and abused artwork

Hello all,
It has been brought to my attention, again, that a site has used without permission or payment my artwork and many other artists. Some of you whom are on this list, I'm sure. The site is at: http://www.dinosaurus.net/. It might be worth it to you to look into it. This guy has traced original art, used Coral Draw to color it in and stated he has copyright on the pieces!?! Haaaaa! I don't think this is right.
I have sent a letter of complaint to the owner of the site (a J. Arts (roepnaam Coby, at: JLG.Arts@wxs.nl),  and to his server (Business Internet Trends.  ,hosting@bit.nl). Hopefully he will remove the art. And if enough of us complain, maybe the server will do something about it. I know this has been a thread in the past on the list, but I thought many of you artist would like to check into it.
Regards to you all,
Todd Marshall