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Enough with the movies... and while I'm here

Let me please remind you all that the purpose of the dinosaur list is
to discuss dinosaur science.  We're not here to vote on whether or not
you like movies in general or in particular.  We all know we're going
to be flooded with commentary when JP3 comes out -- hopefully those
discussions will restrict themselves to comments about whether or not
particular depictions are plausible based on what we know of dinosaurs
via science.  We at DML management will attempt to ensure that such is
the case.  The current movie thread is an example of how *not* to stay
within the confines of the lists' charter even while you're supposedly
talking about dinosaurs.  Please stop this thread now.  If you
continue the thread in a message with a date stamp indicating it was
sent more than two hours after the date stamp on *this* message you
will be subject to disciplinary action.  Technological limitations do
not allow us to know exactly when you receive let alone read any given
message, so we choose this (somewhat arbitrary) deadline to ensure
uniformity of application of administrative policy.

In other news, if you wish to broach the subject of list policy in any
way you should come to me or Mary first.  While we seek and appreciate
the cooperation of all of you, we are the ultimate interpreters and
establishers of policy, and we think it is both confusing and wasteful
to have others attempt to set or interpret policy via discussion on
the list.  If you have a problem with a message -- especially if it
engenders an emotional rather than a rational reaction -- you should
write to us rather than the list.  You should also never suppose that
a message received no reaction from us just because we didn't state
anything publicly.  Our goal (in case I forgot to mention it) is to
keep the list focused on dinosaur science, and we think it would be
little more than a distraction for us to publicize our reactions to
offenses of policy.

Finally, let's try a) not to bait people into having emotional
responses (labeling ideas "ABSRD" or calling their proponents
"BANDits" spring to mind as examples) and b) not to take messages
personally when they're not intended that way.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)