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Re: Coelurus a maniraptoran (for how long?)

Thanks for the info!
So a reduced pubic apron might unite Metornithes and *Avimimus*, with
convergence in *Bagaraatan*, an absent obturator process unites Metornithes,
and an absent ischial symphysis might do the same, with ?convergence in
*Rahonavis* and an odd ?reversal in *Noguerornis*. Quite a short and rather
ambiguous list, but better than I "feared"! This may save Metornithes from
collapsing into Maniraptora if Maniraptora is robust (and if *Avimimus*
doesn't spoil it...).

> > Does the sentence "A deep postspinal depression exists in each proximal
> > caudal" refer to pneumatic fossae? (Depressions that look like pneumatic
> > fossae are present on proximal caudal centra below the transverse
> > processes.)
> No, that's referring to the depression on the back of the base of the
> spine, seen clearly in figure 7C.  However, the sentence "The centrum
> exhibits an elongate excavation laterally" does refer to the lateral
> you are speaking of. :-)

Is the postspinal depression (on the neural arch, apparently) also a
pneumatic feature?