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news from dino central

Dear List,

    I have finally started to see ads for " When dinosaurs roamed America",
on the Discovery Channel. The Triceratops was sculpted and designed by yours
truly. If they look a little better this time around, Thank Jim Kirkland and
Scott Sampson. They were my technical advisors. If you hate them, refer to
the previous sentence.
    As I mentioned on an earlier post, I am now affiliated with the CEU
Museum on a freelance basis. I am in the middle of sculpting nine new and in
some cases still un named dinosaurs in 1/10th scale for the museum. These
are all Cedar Mountain Early Cretaceous dinos. We're definately shaking
things up by not only Feathering Utahraptor, but also giving dino fuzz to
Nedcolbertia, a small theropod. Hopefully, I can make time to finally put up
a website soon. I will be showing all the new sculptures at SVP Bozeman,
    On another note, My wife and I bought our first home in Price, Utah, and
will be settling there. It is very fulfilling to be in the middle of all the
really great new dinosaur discoveries.

Cliff Green
New address
628 North Aspen Circle
Price, Utah 84501