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Re: Dinosaur speed

I know that the weight estimates for dinosaurs differ widely. For example, the weight of Brachiosaurus has been estimated between 15 and 75 tons.
In what way does this affect the estimates of dinosaur speed? Would a 15-ton-Brachiosaurus be significantly faster than a 75-ton-One?
Difficult to tell. If the extra 60 tons were fat %*) , then I'm not sure whether a 75-tonner could move at all. If, however, the extra 60 tons were muscle, then a 75-tonner one might be a lot FASTER than a 15-tonner. However, I'm sure 15 tons are a lot closer to reality than 75, regarding all that air in sauropods (and the fat models that were used decades ago for estimating their volume, and the old assumption that biomass had a density of 1).