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RE: news from dino central

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> cliff green
>     I have finally started to see ads for " When dinosaurs roamed
> America",
> on the Discovery Channel.

Incidentally, look forward to more information about When Dinosaurs Roamed
America and the science behind it very early next week... :-)

>     As I mentioned on an earlier post, I am now affiliated with the CEU
> prehistoric
> Museum on a freelance basis. I am in the middle of sculpting nine
> new and in
> some cases still un named dinosaurs in 1/10th scale for the museum. These
> are all Cedar Mountain Early Cretaceous dinos. We're definately shaking
> things up by not only Feathering Utahraptor, but also giving dino fuzz to
> Nedcolbertia, a small theropod. Hopefully, I can make time to
> finally put up
> a website soon. I will be showing all the new sculptures at SVP Bozeman,
> FYI.

Looking forward to it.  Also, as the only person (to my knowledge) to run
_Nedcolbertia_ through the phylogenetic wringer, it does come out as closer
to maniraptoriforms than does _Sinosauropteryx_, so feathers are very much

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