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Re: news from dino central

> Thomas Holtz wrote-
> > Looking forward to it.  Also, as the only person (to my knowledge) to
> > _Nedcolbertia_ through the phylogenetic wringer, it does come out as
> closer
> > to maniraptoriforms than does _Sinosauropteryx_, so feathers are very
> > justified!
> I've also included Nedcolbertia in my coelurosaur analysis, but my results
> are not as clear as Tom's.  It's always more derived than tyrannosauroids
> and less derived than (Bagaraatan + Protarchaeopteryx + oviraptorosaurs +
> segnosaurs + paravians), but besides that, it varies wildly.  Latest run
> says-
> (Tyrann (Nedcolb (Ornithol (Compsog ((Coelur, Scipio) (Ornithom (Nqweb,
> others))))))).

Seems like my knowledge is lagging behind a bit or two -- I thought
*Nedcolbertia* was close to *Ornitholestes*?
How have tyrannosaurs wound up so far down, compsognathids above
*Ornitholestes*, and *Nqwebasaurus* so far up?
What unites *Coelurus* and *Scipionyx* (well, I'm glad someone has found
_some_ position for it)?

Clear we call those thoughts that have the same degree of confusion as our
own ones.
-- I'm too lazy to look up the author now, it's 11 pm :-] --