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Re: news from dino central

> > Seems like my knowledge is lagging behind a bit or two -- I thought
> > *Nedcolbertia* was close to *Ornitholestes*?

Sure my knowledge is lagging behind -- I was relying on "Dinosaurs: The
Encyclopedia" which mentions the yet-unnamed *Nedcolbertia* after
*Ornitholestes*. :-]

> Nedcolbertia differs from Ornitholestes in several features-
> [...]
> - ischial foot present

This is quite basal indeed. Convinced me :-) But tyrannosaurs don't have an
ischial foot...

> [...] As I said, the
> topology of this part of my tree varies insanely, but sometimes (like now)
> Ornitholestes is below compsognathids.
> [...]
> Ah, a complete polytomy of tyrannosauroids, "basal coelurosaurs" and the
> (Bagaraatan, Protarchaeopteryx, Segnosauria, Oviraptorosauria, Paraves)
> clade.  Told you not to trust the topology here.

I see. So anyone can come and suggest another topology without suffocating
under mountains of evidence? :->

> You shouldn't be glad about Scipionyx's "position", as it is FAR from
> certain.  I can't emphasize that enough.  It is somewhere near Coelurus
> compsognathids, but exactly where, I'm not sure.  Any synapomorphies
> by them PAUP would find in my most recent analysis would probably be
> horribly supported in any case.  Let's find out......
> Oh look at that, two synapomorphies.
> - ulnar shaft bowed
> - semilunate carpal

How did these come out as synapomorphies? I mean, lots of others have one or
both... *Ornitholestes*? Maniraptoriformes? ~:-|
How do you define the semilunate? Does *Allosaurus* have it, or does it have
to be bigger, like in e. g. *Ornitholestes* and dromaeosaurs?

> Eotyrannus is finally grouping with tyrannosauroids.

Why "finally"? Didn't it before? Is it _so_ basal, or just too fragmentary?