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Two new birds and other China stuff

From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Two new birds and other China stuff

The first-half-of-March 2001 issue of Kexue Tongbao 46(5): 
371-377 (Chinese version of Chinese Science Bulletin) 
described two new birds from the Liaoning region: Yanornis 
martini and Yixianornis graubaui. Unfortunately I can't 
get the Chinese Science Bulletin web page to display the 
Chinese characters properly to decipher the authors, the 
title and the abstract 
(http://www.scichina.com/kz/0105/kz0371.stm ).  The PDF 
version of the article does not work for me either. One of 
the authors appears to be Zhou Zhonghe based on the email 
address.  The cover of the issue can be seen at 
http://www.scichina.com/kz/0105/kzfm05.stm and shows 
 I'll post a quick translation of the text explaining the 
cover --it appears to be another enantiornithine.  Let's 
hope the English translation of the abstract and paper is 
posted soon to clear up the name(s) of the author(s) at 
least. Anybody have more info?

The original description of the Liaoning mammal 
Repenomamus appeared in the first-half-of-December 2000 
issue of Kexue Tongbao (another case of a major date 
discrepancy between the original Chinese publication and 
the English-language version). In theory the PDF version 
of the Chinese article should be available at
The file opens but I keep getting weird error messages and 
can't read it. 
The ref should be corrected to make the official 
publication date 2000:

Li, J., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., & Li, C. 2000. A new family of 
primitive mammal from the Mesozoic of western Liaoning, 
China. Kexue Tongbao 45(23): 2545-2549 (2000)/Chinese 
Science Bulletin 46(9): 782-785 (2001).

Chinese Paleo Publications
The following website can be used to order various Chinese 
publications about paleontology directly from China:

Note that Hou's 2000 Picture Book of Chinese Fossil Birds 
can be ordered here too, though the price is pretty steep. 
This book is the less technical follow-up to his out-of-
print Mesozoic Birds of China (published in Taiwan in