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Yanornis NOT an enantiornithine!

Yanornis NOT an enantiornithine! 
From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

In my initial posting I guessed that Yanornis might be an 
enantiornithine (most of the recently announced fossil 
birds from China have been enantiornithines). However, 
after I got the Chinese character display problem solved 
for the caption (but not yet for the title, author and 
abstract), I was able to translate some key passages. The 
photo does indeed seem to be of Yanornis (called "Yan 
bird" in the Chinese text), and it is NOT an 
enantiornithine! Here's a very rough rendering on one 
"Yan bird [Yanornis] is a  Liaoxi Early Cretaceous newly 
discovered ..nearly complete fossilized bird, belonging to 
the modern bird division."
Translating this stuff accurately is time-consuming but 
I'll have more results soon. 

I'm still trying to get my browser to display the Chinese 
character interface for the Kexue Tongbao webpage so I can 
read the abstract. I got some advice from our friend at 
Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette that I will pass on for 
activating the traditional Chinese character set in 
Internet Explorer (I'm still having problems):

"On IE 5 one can do this by selecting:


For some reason the AUTO SELECT setting does not work