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Re: Yanornis NOT an enantiornithine!

> http://www.scichina.com/kz/0105/kzfm05.stm
> I'm still trying to get my browser to display the Chinese
> character interface for the Kexue Tongbao webpage so I can
> read the abstract.

Finally found out what's happening at
http://www.scichina.com/kz/0105/kz0371.stm! It is by default coded as
"Western Europe", one has to manually change it to "Chinese - PR
(GB2312)"!!! The first author is indeed Zhou Zhonghe, and the second is
Zhang... not Jiangyong, Miman or Zhaoqun, based on comparisons with
Vertebrata PalAsiatica. Apparently both authors are at the IVPP. 2 or 3
different sorts of birds are in the keywords (Enanti-, Euornithes?). "Jin
niao" is mentioned several times; the second means "bird", the first occurs
in the phrases for "today" and "this week", so it might mean "modern
birds"... "?? zi niao", which, if it is "kongziniao" (forgot what the first
character ought to look like), is vernacular for *Confuciusornis*, is
mentioned, and there is Liaoxi in the headline. My Chinese ends here... :-)

If *Yanornis* is a euornithine, it must be pretty basal because it has such
a large clawed thumb...