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Re: Phytodinosauria status

I was just looking at the 10 skeletal "innovations" which Sereno 1999 listed for ornithischians, and sure enough no. 10 is the pendant fourth trochanter.
The first five deal with the jaw (and plant chewing) so could have arisen more than once. I also wonder how many times the predentary bone may have arisen, given its presence in at least one Cretaceous bird (EGAD!!!).
Ornithischian phylogeny seems a whole look shakier than ever imagined, and a paraphyletic (or even a polyphyletic) Thyreophora seems a real possibility.
-----This is very troubling, Ken
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Subject: Re: Phytodinosauria status
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<< You're aware that Gow et al. (1990) proved Massospondylus lacked a horny
beak, so this character cannot be used to unite the taxon with Ornithischia?

But as far as I know, M still has a pendant fourth trochanter.
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