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Re: Phytodinosauria status

George wrote:

On another track, I think Massospondylidae right now includes only
Massospondylus. Lufengosaurus and Coloradisaurus are good plateosaurids, not
massospondylids; and Yunnanosaurus and Jingshanosaurus are good

According to the analysis of Sereno (1999)*, the Massospondylidae includes two genera: _Massospondylus_ and _Yunnanosaurus_.

* see http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1999Jun/msg00442.html - though _Thecodontosaurus_ and _Melanorosaurus_ are conspicuous by their absence from this analysis.

The sauropod-like teeth are no longer referred to _Yunnanosaurus_, removing a key character in support of the family Yunnanosauridae.

I have no idea what should happen to _Jingshanosaurus_ - it may go wherever _Yunnanosaurus_ goes.



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