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RE: Two New Dinosaurs From New Mexico

>This just in:
>Two new dinosaur species were discovered in New Mexico, including the first 
North American therizinosaur (that I can think of), and a new coelurosaur.  
The discoveries were annouced at a Discovery Channel press conference.  
Discovery will air a program on their discovery some time next month.

The name and details are new, but one of the pelvic elements (forget which) of 
*Nothronychus* that was previously thought to be the squamosal of Zuniceratops 
was mentioned as being therizinosauroid in the symposium volume "Dinosaurs of 
New Mexico" published by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History in 2000.  
Since the embargo has been lifted on the name, I imagine the description will 
be published soon.  Anyone know where or when?