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Re: Yanornis NOT an enantiornithine!

Michael A. Turton wrote:

Here is a quickie of the abstract, after the sentences you did (there
are a couple of technical terms I don't know:

"These two types of birds are more advanced than Liaoning neornithes,
closer to [Zhaoyang and Songling bird].

_Chaoyangia_ and _Songlingornis_, I would guess, both of which are regarded as basal Ornithurae (Chaoyangiformes).

Compared with other Cretaceous
birds, such as Confuciornis, Liaoxi and Shifan,

_Confuciusornis_, _Liaoxiornis_.. but "Shifan"? - is this _Jibeinia_?

[snip] same line
as modern birds (including neornithes radiation and distribution), it is
obvious that they are all different than [Shizhu Bird] ,

"Shizhu Bird"? - no idea at all what this is.

Looks like Mesozoic birds are now coming out of the woodwork.  Bring 'em on!



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