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Dear All,
The name Bruhathkayosaurus didn't ring a bell, so had to look it up. If it was a dinosaur, it was apparently a sauropod, not a huge theropod as originally thought.
However, Mike's dinosauricon has a rather odd remark about it, IIRC: "if it is, indeed, animalian". I assume there is some rather peculiar story surrounding this fossil or perhaps rumours about what it really is.
If it isn't "animalian", what could it possibly be? Perhaps pieces of petrified wood that just happen to look just like dinosaurian limb elements? Or perhaps a hoax, like the supposed marine onychophoran worms from the Bay of Bengal? I wonder if there is a dinosaurological Paul Harvey who could tell us "the rest of the story"? :-)
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Jose Carlos Martinez Garcia-Ramos <jcgramos@asturias.geol.uniovi.es> writes:

We are doing a study about sauropod tibiae, and we need some information
about their sizes. What tibiae are the longest? Can everybody tell me if
the one of Bruhthkayosaurus matleyi from the Cretaceous of India is really
a tibia?

Is it really a dinosaur?

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