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RE: Two New Dinosaurs From New Mexico

I don't know what new information is to be presented about Zuniceratops or if it will favor any particular topology. The consensus seems to be that it is one of three genera (the others being Turanoceratops and Montanaceratops) that split off very close to Family Ceratopsidae, but apparently one analysis has actually placed Zuniceratops within Ceratopsidae (as sister group to Subfamily Ceratopsinae IIRC).
I am still combining all the non-ceratopsid neoceratopsians (incl. Zuniceratops) into a single Family Protoceratopsidae (the only semi-paraphyletic family of ornithischians I am currently recognizing). I anticipate that the same three genera (Turanoceratops, Montanaceratops, and Zuniceratops) will continue to split off just before the {{Ceratopsidae}} marker, but the exact order of their splitting may well change with additional information. But if that one analysis proves correct, we would have to actually transfer Zuniceratops into Ceratopsidae.

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The article mentions some new information on Zuniceratops being released.
Has many new material on it been published ? Or is is this something that is
going to be published with the new dinos? Is there any certainty regarding
the phylogenetic position of Zuniceratops in the marginocephalian tree?

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